Incorporating yoga to the workplace is a fantastic opportunity for employees to take time for themselves, a moment away from their desks to explore the space on their mats, re energising, connecting, strengthening, increasing fitness and flexibility, and building self confidence. 

Yello Yoga has worked alongside corporate companies in London, such as Ogilvy, teaching hour long classes to employees, resulting in great benefits to their day, or perfect as a wind down for after work. 


Enter your details in the form below or email / call us directly to find out more. We offer taster sessions to your employees to see if this is something that would be beneficial and enjoyable to your company. 


Do we need to provide mats and equipment? We suggest employees to bring their own mat and towel along with them. We can provide blocks and straps when needed.


How long are the classes? Class lengths are set to suit the company; from 45 minutes to an hour during lunch or an hour before/after working hours.


Where will the classes take place? Usually they take place in a spare room / conference space / gym / larger room within the office. If there is no space available in the office, we can explore alternative locations locally.

 yoga at work